Podcast setting like a pro

The popularity of podcasts in Poland is still growing. Many creators consciously or unconsciously ignore one of the most important aspects of making this type of multimedia. It is the setting of the podcast. How to prepare it in like a pro?

What is behind this enigmatic phrase: “podcast setting”? It is nothing more than a set of sounds that we play at the beginning, at the end but also during the program. In other words, it’s an intro, end credits, cutscenes or special effects.

Good settings are something that distinguishes us

Our podcasts, both those prepared as part of the GOcast website and commercial ones, are primarily characterized by care for their proper packaging. This is definitely something that sets us apart from other companies offering podcast creation as a service. We have had the opportunity to work mostly on audio shows. However, it happens that customer’s wish is to prepare a podcast in both audio and video versions. This was the case with the #ZMilosciDoMarketingu (#WithLoveForMarketing) program, whose author is Dagmara Kokoszka-Lassota, recognized marketing specialist in Poland.


What are our guidelines for creating podcasts? It’s important to keep a few things in mind.

First of all – timelessness

Preparing a professional setting is something that enriches our program, but also an expense. Therefore, when creating them, we make sure that once prepared, it serves customers for a long time. How can this be achieved? First of all, when writing voiceovers we avoid expressions that place the creation of the program at a specific time. A good example is the period of a pandemic or a lockdown. They will pass sooner or later. Therefore, it is not a good idea to include references to the current situation, seasons and current events in jingles.

In addition, if we create a program in which there is a high probability that after some time more than one person will run it, then in the intro we give up presenting the podcast host. Without mentioning the names of the hosts, we force them to introduce themselves at the beginning of the program. The third thing that can disturb the timelessness of jingles are Call-To-Action (CTA) phrases. If in the frame we include, for example, an invitation to visit a website that may cease to exist, then the element of the setting containing such information is no longer valid. Therefore, we prepare voiceovers in a way that in the event of such problems, it is relatively easy to eliminate the troublesome content from the setting.

Second – versatility

We create jingles for use in both audio and video versions. The aforementioned Dagmara’s podcast setting is based on such a scheme. Thanks to the versatility of the setting, we prepare the program in the video version, and then by cutting the soundtrack from the clip, we have a ready podcast in the audio version, without the need for additional editing and… expenses.

– That is why when you order a video version, you actually get two in one, which will make the program you can watch as well as listen to it. Even if after some time the customer decides to abandon the video format and stays only with the sound, he does not have to pay for the preparation of the audio setting a second time. – says Paweł Ptaszyński, CEO at cnwmedia.pl.

Another argument for a versatile setting is the cost of producing a single podcast season. It is an expense, but if it is spread over more episodes, then the production amount of one episode decreases. How is this possible? When ordering a setting and a series of ten episodes, you pay a certain amount. However, if you decide to extend the series by another ten episodes – then you only pay for the recordings for the second season, because the jingles are already there.

Third – efficiency

For one thing, it must sound good, and in the case of the video version – also look good. We try to ensure that these conditions are always met. We invite people who work as voiceover artists or radio presenters to participate in recordings.

Fourth – simple editing

Years of experience in producing audio content allow us to look at the production of podcasts in a pragmatic way. In other words: how to make everything easily and of the best quality? It is possible. It is enough to know a few tricks used by professionals. We manufacture the jingles in such a way that they can be easily embedded between the speech recordings. Intro, outro and cutscenes can be easily inserted between the speech.

– If you want to speak on a bed, then we are able to prepare the setting in such a way. Then you do not have to manipulate the volume of the bed, and the editing will be extremely easy. It is enough to add the intro with an appropriately lowered background music. Your only task will be to put your voice recording above a bed and cut it. – adds Paweł Ptaszyński.

In addition, we also think of those podcasters who use the RØDECaster™ Pro console to create their programs. It is a powerful tool that greatly simplifies the broadcast production process. Our jingles are fully compatible with this equipment. So if you need to dress the podcast with nice sound let us help you.

Happy podcasting!