What does the panda say?

Actually only few of us would recognize panda by it’s voice. It’s not common, it’s not catchy. However in this case we gave the voice to a special panda. “Panda ma głos” (Polish: “Panda has voice”) is a title for new a podcast created by Panda Team. Is a charity foundation that helps patients and their families during oncological treatment. It’s not often to work on a podcast about such a delicate matter.

The story

In 2021 Filip and Paulina Tarachowicz suddenly found themselves in a middle of a fight for their little son’s life. This battle was lost and they had to face one of the most dramatic events anyone can imagine – a death of their beloved child. Eventually the couple’s grieving was an impulse to commemorate the late Michał in the best way they could – creating Panda Team foundation to help people in facing the same reality their family had to face. Moreover, a panda, little Michał’s favorite animal, became their personal symbol of strenght and hope.

“Panda ma głos”

The foundation thought the podcast would be the one of forms of helping. Above all – it’s a place to tell stories, share feelings and give hope. Firstly: the general assumption of planning this programme was to come up with something that wouldn’t be sad or depressing. That’s why we were looking for an appropriate music to build the setting with. Our choice was “Open horizons” by Anthony Vega – a peaceful, acoustic folk tune including piano and strings. Secondly: we did not want to create anything unnecessary.

In conclusion the whole setting consists of five elements: an intro, three sweepers and an outro. What does the panda sound like?

Panda Team has the content, our work was to create the structure to present it.

Filip Tarachowicz, Panda Team’s CEO, says:

Paweł has created our foundation’s podcast jingles and encouraged us to move on with recording of our stories. In addition, he showed us the world of podcasting and gave helpful advice for choosing gear and sound editing. Working with cnwmedia.pl is pure pleasure and we are very grateful for their support in our mission.

Podcast “Panda ma głos” is available for instance on Spotify:

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