Sonic branding for At last we’ve got it!

That would be quite weird if sonic branding agency didn’t have its own audio branding, wouldn’t it? This is why we decided to work on our sound pack before we offer the same to our new clients. It took us couple of months to transfer brand’s ideas, moments and values into chords, notes, instruments and sound effects.

What does our brand sound like?

Making long story short: three chords, five notes and almost 20 years of our history and evolution. Our sonic branding is based on five core values:

– Firstly a journey, because it took us a long way to find ourselves where we are right now. Challenges, modernity and simplicity, as we love these values. Therefore you can find them in our work. Creation is the fifth element. Creation means bringing some projects and emotions to life. – says Paweł Ptaszyński, CEO and founder od brand.

First sound set is basic and consists of brand music, audio logo, ringtones for mobile devices, and “Challenge hunters” podcast jingles. In upcoming months we are going to develop next sets of sounds of sonic branding for

– Above all, we are very happy that our brand is among those who communicate using sound. Our theme, the sonic logo, every element is prepared with attention. Modelling and shaping the sounds was a bit of personal to me, because in these compositions we used also my unborn son’s heartbeat sounds recorded during an ultrasound examination – reveals Paweł Ptaszyński.

Find out what does our brand sound like!

Complete sound set is available also on Soundcloud.