Audio logo of GOcast.

Have you ever watched Netflix? Sure you have. Every time you launch it you can hear this characteristic “ta-dum” sound. What does it have in common with our work? GOcast. is the same for podcasts as Netflix for the series it creates. It’s a unique platform that offers both self-produced seasonal programmes and the commercial ones designed for other brands.

The concept

An audio branding for GOcast required composition of a sonic logo that would be used as an opener in brand’s upcoming streaming app. Both sonic logo and brand’s theme should express the values of power, optimism and freedom of choice and creation.

The key of the concept was… the key. D-major. In music theory it is recognized as triumphant, victorious and expresses majesty and stateliness.

The progression we chose is quite interesting, a bit surprising and it gives the whole theme a unique quality. The first chord plays an important role. G5 (or the perfect fifth) with added 9, brings peacefulness and stability. This one is followed by two major chords: D and A.

Beginning with plagal cadence: a cadential subdominant chord followed by a tonic and then a dominant chord, makes the whole progression endless and repetitive.

Sonic logo ideas

Basing on two syllables of brand’s name and a dot in logo we composed „The GOcast figure” using three notes.

While the brand’s tagline in Polish stands for #BreakingTheSoundBarrier and the fact that podcasts are created with voice, the design of sonic logo included vocoder-based sound patches and the samples of supersonic aircraft. This is what the final result sounds like.