WWhat is the sound of snooker?

Mostly it’s sounds like any other usual billiard game, but… Our project was to create a first-ever snooker tournament audio branding in the whole world. That alone sounds great, but let us take you behind the scenes of this project. The Polish Businessmen, Artists and Athletes Championship is an exclusive, unique and the most prestigious amateur snooker tournament in Poland. Actors, comediand, athletes and entrepreneurs meet once a year to play snooker in luxurious surroundings. What is the sound of snooker then?

Our concept

To create the tournament’s sonic branding we took snooker’s Holy Grail – number 147. The number of highest possible consecutive points to collect in a single frame. Compiling a
maximum break is a rare and significant achievement. We started with a tempo of 147 beats per minute. Then we used the rhythm, which is characteristic during the opening of a snooker frame: the cue hits the cue ball, then the cue ball slightly touches a pack of reds and bounces off the cushions twice to return to the baulk area.

We have made the percussion tracks with the processing of samples recorded during a snooker frame. In 8/4 time signature, playing the first, fourth and seventh quarter note gives us a useful three-note sequence to compose the main theme and develop a sonic logo. This is the sound of snooker!

The prepared sound set contains a setting for medal award ceremony. Main theme excerpts will be a part of sound setting during content production and live broadcasts.

Marcin Nitschke, tournament director and brand owner says:

The sound setting is like at world championship.

This is the first-ever snooker event in the world that has its own unique sounds. This fact was also noted by the European Snooker Federation on its website.

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